Utility Companies

BES works with utility companies. We provide pipe line surveys and boundary surveys, as well as other surveys that are unique to utility companies. We provide the following services to utility companies:

  • Pipe Line Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys/Legal Descriptions
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • CAD Expertise
  • Professional Engineering Console
  • Utility Design and Relocations
  • Hydrologic Analysis/Modeling
  • Hydraulic Design

Examples of Our Work Provided to Utility Companies

The top picture shows a property line survey we performed for Teppco, a gas line utility company.  In the second picture BES assessed over100 miles of surveying data for existing gas lines and from this developed a working and functional AutoCAD drawing customized for the client.

BES designed and relocated a Verizon cable line at Milton Union Schools.

Township Examples

BES Designed & Relocated Verizon Line
Milton Union Schools - West Milton, Ohio

City of Piqua
City of Piqua - Power Plant
Piqua, Ohio


Detail of Fence Line Along Property Line Survey
Teppco - Warren County, Ohio

Teppco 2
Provided Over 100 Miles of Gas Line data Processing
Through Pennsylvania

Duke Energy Project