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Civil Engineering & Surveying For Schools

BES provides civil engineering & survey for schools. We provide both full and partial  land surveying and full and partial  civil engineering services for  school districts as well as new athletic facilities in Ohio. We have worked with colleges and universities to elementary and high schools throughout Ohio for full civil engineering and land surveying services.  we have helped  them obtain LEEDs certified accreditation.

Engineering Services We Provide:

  • Topographical Surveys, Boundary surveys, ALTA Survey, Replats
  • Professional Engineering Consulting
  • As-built Surveys
  • Site and Grading Plow
  • Flood Plan Analysis/Design
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Parking Lot/Access Drive Layout
  • Grant Application Planning
  • Sanitary Sewer ,Waterline, Storm Sewer Design
  • Waterline Design
  • Storm Water Management Plans, SWPPP Plans, Erosion Control Plans, EPA Forms
  • Traffic Studies
  • Local Street and Highway Design
  • Street Reconstruction Design
  • Utility Design and Relocation
  • Hydrology Analysis/Modeling
  • Detention/Retention Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Municipal Storm Water Design
  • Construction Observation/Inspection

Project Examples  Engineering and Survey

  • Milton-Union Schools – West Milton, OH
  • Northmont High School – Clayton, OH
  • Northmont Kleptz Early Childhood Center – Englewood, OH
  • Middletown Middle School & High School
  • Carlisle Elementary School – Delaware, OH
  • Conger Elementary School – Delaware, OH
  • Coy Middle School – Beavercreek, OH
  • Africentric PK-12 School – Columbus, OH
  • Centerville City Schools – Centerville, OH
  • Wapakoneta City Schools – Wapakoneta, OH
  • Fairmont Auditorium Expansion, Fairmont, OH
  • Southeastern Schools, New Athletic Facility



Northmont High School 
    Clayton, Ohio

Main Entrance 
Northmont High School
Clayton, Ohio

Athletic Entrance
Northmont High School
Clayton, Ohio

Kleptz Early Learning Center
Clayton, Ohio

Kleptz Early Learning Center
Clayton, Ohio